I’ve written four plays.

The first, All Our Children, about the Nazi persecution of disabled children, was premiered at Jermyn Street Theatre in London in 2017. It received its US premiere in 2019 at the Sheen Center in New York.


All Our Children is the first in a trilogy about the 1930s and 1940s. Poor John is about John Cornford, the young British Communist who died aged 21 in the Spanish Civil War. The Gift is concerned with Jewish immigration into Britain in the late 1930s.

John Cornford at Dartington Hall

John Cornford at Dartington Hall

I’ve also written an adaptation of Sara Ryan’s Justice for Laughing Boy.


I've translated five plays by Henrik Ibsen: A Doll’s HouseRosmersholmLittle EyolfThe Lady from the Sea and Ghosts.  

I've also translated four plays by Heinrich von Kleist (The Broken JugThe Prince of HomburgAmphitryon and Katie of Heilbronn) and Bertolt Brecht’s The Demise of the Egotist Johann Fatzer.  

I co-translated with Peter Zombory-Moldovan ten scenes from Bertolt Brecht's Fear and Misery of the Third Reich (Hitler’s People), as well as Arthur Schnitzler’s La Ronde.

My translations are available for performance both by professionals and amateurs.  

You can reach me through the contact button or contact Victoria Williams at Alan Brodie Representation.