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I'm an experienced theatre and opera director, writer and teacher.  

For most of the 1980s I worked at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh.  I founded English Touring Theatre in 1993 and, in 2008, opened the Rose Theatre, Kingston.  

I've directed a large number of leading actors and actresses, at all stages of their careers, and my productions have been seen in London and across Britain.

As well as directing more than 50 plays and operas, I've written eight books on theatre and drama, and four original plays.  My first play, All Our Children was premiered to great success in May 2017 and is being produced in New York in Spring 2019.  I've also translated twelve foreign language plays and written numerous articles in books and newspapers. 

Teaching is important to me and I've taught in drama schools, colleges and universities in Britain and the USA, and consistently championed the training and development of young actors, directors and writers.  

I currently work as a freelancer, and am available for consultancy work for arts organisations of all shapes and sizes.

I offer individual classes in a range of subjects.

My second son is severely disabled and I'm a campaigner for the rights of people with learning disabilities.   I'm Chair of KIDS (www.kids.org.uk) a remarkable national charity which provides help and services to a large number of disabled young people and their families.

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